• Founded: (Buchholz, Lower Saxony, Germany)
  • Founded: (Seevetal, Lower Saxony, Germany)

KCS GmbH is a German manufacturing company, originally with the main focus on typesetting.
Founded as Dr. Johannes Knauel Communications-Service GmbH in Buchholz in der Nordheide (Buchholz in the North Heath) also known as Buchholz bei Hamburg (Buchholz near Hamburg) which is abbreviated as Buchholz / Hamburg in many publications and thus gives the wrong impression that the city belongs to the state of Hamburg even though it is actually located in Lower Saxony.
By the end of 2004, Dr. Johannes Knauel Communications-Service GmbH changed its working field to asset management and was renamed to Dr. Johannes Knauel Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH. The manufacturing business (including the abbreviation KCS GmbH) was continued by the new founded Karo Creative Süd, headquartered in Seevetal.
Meanwhile, the product range includes graphic design too, the manufacturing facility is now located in Stelle, which, like Buchholz and Seevetal, belongs to the district of Harburg, Lower Saxony.


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