Headley Brothers Ltd.

  • Started: (United Kingdom) incorporated as a limited company
  • Defunct: (United Kingdom) the limited company dissolved

Headley Brothers partnership founded in 1881. As well as the printing press in Ashford, it had an office at 14 Bishopsgate in 1898. In about 1910, the partnership was brought to an end. Headley Brothers Publishers Ltd was formed and traded from the Bishopsgate address, later becoming the Swarthmore Press and at some point in the late 1920's becoming part of George Allen & Unwin Ltd. The
printing business continued in Ashford, run by Burgess Henry Headley and still under the style of Headley Brothers.

The Invicta Press, Lower Queens Road, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8HH - 01233 623131
UK Registered Company number 00491836
Incorporated on 22 February 1951. Administrator appointed 2 March 2017. Dissolved on 5 June 2019
Sold in March 2017 to Oxfordshire print business Henry Stones and closed 17 November 2017. Buildings demolished February 2019.


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