Editografica, Rastignano (Bologna)

It was founded in 1973 as a print shop and publishing house, and since its inception it deals with editorial, advertising and commercial press.
In 1982 technological evolution entered the company with the first photocomposition system, from that moment on, Editografica followed, and continues to follow, the market movements with tenacity, making technological innovation its flagship.
In fact, in 2001, anticipating the new trends, alongside the Offset technology, the new printing frontier: installed the first digital printing system.
In 2003 the implementation of digital technology continued and in 2005 the project was perfected. All this allows it to reach the present day with an important know-how and a panorama of services essential for modern communication systems.
Today Editografica is a modern company, constantly updated technically and professionally, able to respond to the ever new demands of the world of communication and offers its services throughout the national territory.
The company structure is streamlined and dynamic and has the ability to perform all production phases in its factory, from creativity to layout, printing, packaging, set-up and shipping.


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