Editrice Quadratum

Editrice Quadratum was founded in July 1980 by a group of shareholders headed by Alberto Rizzoli.

In 1994 acquired the publishing company Cino del Duca, including the popular magazines Intimità, Love Story, Stop, Consigli Pratici, Historia. Today the last three titles are no more in the company portfolio.

In 2004 acquired from the US publisher Wennermedia the license for the Italian version of Rolling Stone. In the same year Stop was transferred to a small publisher. In April, Quadratum acquired Vera Magazine.

In 2007 Quadratum Publishing USA Inc was created, a company fully owned by Editrice Quadratum and publishing La Cucina Italiana magazine in US and Canada.

In March 2009 sells Vera Magazine.

In 2013 Quadratum create La Cucina Italian Srl in which all the activities and products relating to the brand La Cucina Italiana are conveyed together with the relevant staff. During the year, the majority of the company is sold to Condé Nast.


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