The Young Adventurers

The Young Adventurers (also known as The Riddle Series) is a collection of books written by Enid Blyton. The books included in the series were originally written as stand alone books or short stories, but they were revised and heavily updated by Enid Blyton's daughter, Gillian Baverstock, so that they featured consistent characters throughout and could be published as a series. The books were first published as a series titled The Riddle Series in 1997 by Collins. The books were republished as The Young Adventurers series in 2004.

Original works:
The Treasure Hunters (1940)
The Boy Next Door (1944)
Hollow Tree House (1945) - also part of the Family Adventures series
Holiday House (1955)
Adventure of the Strange Ruby (1960)
The Mystery That Never Was (1961)

Republished in 1997 as The Riddle Series:
• The Riddle of the Hidden Treasure
• The Riddle of the Boy Next Door
• The Riddle of the Hollow Tree
• The Riddle of Holiday House
• The Riddle of the Rajah's Ruby
• The Riddle That Never Was

Republished in 2004 as The Young Adventurers series:
• The Young Adventurers and the Hidden Treasure
• The Young Adventurers and the Boy Next Door
• The Young Adventurers and the Hollow Tree
• The Young Adventurers at Holiday House
• The Young Adventurers and the Rajah's Ruby
• The Young Adventurers and the Mystery That Never Was

In Germany, The Riddle Series is known as the "Rätsel um...-Serie". In addition to translations of the six English titles, there is an unofficial book:

• Rätsel um die Falschmünzer ("Riddle of the Counterfeiters"). This "translation" was in fact an original work by Brigitte Blobel and published by C. Bertelsmann Verlag in 1977. It had not been authorised by Darrell Waters Ltd., and so was soon taken out of print.


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