Casa Editrice G. D'Anna

  • Founded: (Italy) Messina

Italian publishing house founded by Giacomo D'Anna in 1926 in Messina, Italy.

First Necklaces:
- Biblioteca di Cultura Contemporanea
- Gemme minori di Sicilia
the first magazines followed:
- Ponte (few numbers printed by and on behalf of students).

Guido D'Anna, son of Giacomo, founded the Florentine headquarters of D’Anna in 1949 and took care of the organizational part of Belfagor.
After a year Guido is joined by his older brother Giuseppe.
Born the "Generazione zero" magazine and monographic necklaces:
- Parallela
- Tangenti
- Antologie filosofiche per problemi
- Gli uomini e le loro istituzioni
- Secondo millenni
 and the works:
- Gli incontri
- I problemi
- L' Antologia della letteratura italiana

Since 1998 the D’Anna family has shared the ownership of the publishing house with Loescher publisher.
In June 2012, following a further transfer of shares, G. D’Anna publishing house is totally controlled by Loescher Editore (division of the Zanichelli editore S.p.A. group).


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