Андрей Гуляшки

  • Born: (Bulgaria)
  • Died: (France)

Andrei Gulyashki (sometimes spelled Andrey Gulyashki or Andrei Guljaski; in cyrillic: Андрей Гуляшки) was a Bulgarian author, famous among others for his series of Zakhov books, which were best-sellers in the Eastern Bloc. He was born in Bulgarska Rakovitsa village, district of Koula, in 1914. He participated actively in the resistance movement and took up writing in 1931. He worked as editor for the newspapers “Rabotnichesko Delo” and “Otechestven Front,” the magazines “Septemvri” and “Plamuk” and was Director of the National Theatre in Sofia in 1960s. Gulyashki was twice awarded the Dimitrov Prize, the highest honor for works of literature and science in his native country.


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