Mediamond S.p.A.

Telling your product, getting to know your audience, involving it through the different touch points in a harmonious way, in a quality context: this is what companies are asking for today. And this is what Mediamond can offer its customers by making available

80 media brands among the most important on the Italian scene, names known and loved by the public, able to naturally weave the products to the editorial fabric and to emphasize the affinities and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the products represent
numbers from leaders in print, web and radio, to ensure the visibility necessary to make advertising effective.
a creative workshop ready to respond to any communication need, able to design paths that reach the public in the most suitable ways and contexts
a large amount of data that allow us to know our audience and interact with them, finding new paths and original approaches to communicate with the style of contemporaneity.


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