Hein De Kort

Hein de Kort (4 October 1956) is probably the Netherlands' most productive cartoonist.
Hein de Kort started his career as a cartoonist with De Waarheid, the party magazine of the CPN. Although that was not because he was a convinced Communist. "If the Telegraaf had first asked me, I would have said yes," he says. At the Truth, however, he did meet Ger van Wulften, who would become his first publisher.

He gets his inspiration from everything he encounters. These can be earth-shattering events, but also very small incidents. In particular, things about which he gets excited are the reasons for many of his best jokes.

Early albums by his hand are Pardon dick, you are standing on my doggy and lying naked with standing lamp. He wrote the scenarios for the series Dick van Bil "with draftsman Eric Schreurs. In his early days, the strips by Schreurs and De Kort were experienced as shocking. The gags were hard and confronting, the speech bubbles irregular and the pictures were sticky and dirty.

In 1992, Hein de Kort received the Stripschapprijs for his entire oeuvre.

Hein de Kort signed for various magazines such as Muziekkrant OOR, Penthouse, Nieuwe Revu and Sportweek. Piet & Riet van de Buis appears daily in Het Parool, in which he makes a cartoon based on the title of a television program. He is currently [when?] Working on a new comic series: "The Chronicles of the IQ Nada". This series is about a stupid Indian tribe; it will be his first feel-good strip for the whole family.


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