Inspector Wexford

Inspector Wexford is a series of crime novels by Ruth Rendell, featuring Chief Inspector Reginald "Reg" Wexford. The books were adapted for a television series under the title The Ruth Rendell Mysteries (1987-2000).

From Doon with Death (1964)
A New Lease of Death (1967) (known as Sins of the fathers in the US)
Wolf to the Slaughter (1968)
The Best Man to Die (1969)
A Guilty Thing Surprised (1970)
No More Dying Then (1971)
Murder Being Done Once (1972) (known as Murder being once done in the US)
Some Lie And Some Die (1973)
Shake Hands Forever (1975)
A Sleeping Life (1978)
Put on By Cunning (1981) (known as Death notes in the US)
The Speaker of Mandarin (1983)
An Unkindness of Ravens (1985)
The Veiled One (1988)
Kissing the Gunner's Daughter (1992)
Simisola (1994)
Road Rage (1997)
Harm Done (1999)
The Babes in the Wood (2002)
End in Tears (2005)
Not in the Flesh (2007)
The Monster in the Box (2009)
The Vault (2011)
No Man's Nightingale (2013)


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