Massimo Jevolella

Massimo Jevolella is a journalist and Islamologist, former cultural correspondent for "Giornale" directed by Indro Montanelli (1978-1993) and director of the monthly magazine "Meridiani". He collaborated with the Institute of History of Philosophy of the State University of Milan, publishing several studies on the mystical thought of medieval Islam and Judaism. The theme of utopia has always been at the center of his interests, from his doctoral thesis in Philosophy (Surrealism and Utopia, 1974) to the recent essay Nawābit: the "sprouts" of the Excellent City in Al-Fārābī, Ibn Bağğa, and in the Platonic tradition that inspired them (2013).
He translated from Arabic and edited for Urra The collar of the dove by Ibn Ḥazm (2010), and the extensive Koranic anthology Koran, book of peace (2013). Among his fiction and non-fiction books we remember The dreams of history (1991), Not to name the name of Allah in vain (2004, with an afterword by Franco Cardini), The Islamic roots of Europe (2005), Saladin, hero of the Islàm (2006), Rawà, the story that quenches the soul (2008), But deliver us from toothache (2010), The secret of true wealth. Dialogue between an economist and a poor person (Urra, 2014).


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