Kary B. Mullis

Kary Banks Mullis (born December 28, 1944) is a Nobel Prize-winning American biochemist. In recognition of his invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique, he shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Michael Smith[2] and earned the Japan Prize in the same year. The process was first described by Kjell Kleppe and 1968 Nobel laureate Har Gobind Khorana, and allows the amplification of specific DNA sequences.
The invention made by Mullis allowed PCR to become a central technique in biochemistry and molecular biology, described by The New York Times as "highly original and significant, virtually dividing biology into the two epochs of before P.C.R. and after P.C.R."

He has defended AIDS denialism, and climate change denial, and has attacked sociology as a "worthless science" for not taking astrology seriously.


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