Averoigne is a series of short stories and a poem by Clark Ashton Smith, set in a fictional province in historical France. Several other writers have also used the setting for their works.

Short stories:
• "The End of the Story"
• "A Rendezvous in Averoigne"
• "The Maker of Gargoyles"
• "The Mandrakes"
• "The Beast of Averoigne"
• "The Holiness of Azédarac"
• "The Colossus of Ylourgne"
• "The Disinterment of Venus"
• "Mother of Toads"
• "The Enchantress of Sylaire"
• "The Satyr"

• "Averoigne"

Short stories by other authors:
• "Out of the Aeons" by H.P. Lovecraft with Hazel Heald (1933)
• "The Butcher of Vyones" by Michael Minnis (1998)
• "The Circumstances of Ghostly Cats" by Michael Minnis
• "Gros Vert" by Michael Minnis
• "Symposium of the Gargoyle: A Tale of Nineteenth Century Averoigne" by Simon Whitechapel
• "The Passing of Belzévuthe" by Simon Whitechapel
• "Hugh the Discerning" by Garnett Elliott
• "The Doom of Azédarac" by Ron Hilger
• "The Oracle of Sadoqua" by Ron Hilger


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