Allan Bay

Allan Bay was born in Milan in 1949. He graduated in Political Economics from Bocconi with a thesis in Economic History.
He was involved in the sale of machines for the production of light bulbs, scientific, technical and medical publishing and television productions.
Since 1994 he has been a journalist in the food and wine sector. The kitchen has always been his great passion. Since 1995 he has been writing about cooking in the "Corriere della Sera".
He is in charge of the weekly column of Milanese restaurants on "ViviMilano". He edited a weekly column of culinary culture on "Diary of the week". From 2003 to 2006 he was Professor of Cooking at the University of Pavia.
With Feltrinelli he has published a series of cookbooks: Cuochi si rig (2003), Cuochi si 2 (2004), Cuoco me ("Kids", 2005), Le ricette degli altri (2005), 77 perfect recipes (2006) ) and a novel written with Camilla Baresani, La cena delle meraviglie (2007).


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