On The Run

'On The Run' from Germany was one of the first european graffiti magazines.
The 1st issue was released in March 91, 2nd in May 91, 3rd in September 91 and 4th in June 92.
In October 97 they started to release a series of books in glossy A5 paperback format. Every book featured the works of just one writer.
The 1st book was about Jepsy, the 2nd one (released in April 98) about Bates and the 3rd one (released in March 99) about Seen (double issue with a white cover and a gold cover).

In the mid/late 2000's From Here To Fame Publishing continued the book series.
Featured artists were Part One, Zebster, Sento, Smash 137, Sabe, Moas, Jepsy, Ghost, How & Nosm, Faith47 & Logan.


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