Richard Taylor (6)

  • Born: (Hampstead, London, England)
  • Died: (London, England, United Kingdom)

Richard Taylor was born in 1929 in Hampstead, London, England. He died in 2013 in London.
Was one of the founders of the postwar UK animation industry.
In the 1970s he made the children's series Crystal Tipps and Alistair, but he was best known for his series of public information films including Charley Says.
In the 1980s he made Muzzy in Gondoland, a language-teaching video which is still in use today.
In the 1950s and 60s Pa made many award-winning films for British industry, and a series of animated promotional films for Barclays Bank in Africa.
In 1965 he set up his own studio in Soho. A committed socialist, he made the satirical film The Revolution (1968), which was distributed in UK cinemas.
During his retirement in Shropshire he continued to lecture and write; his Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques was published in 1994.


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