• Founded: (Germany) Zillostrierte
  • Renamed: Zillo
  • Ended:

Zillo (or Zillostrierte) was a German alternative music magazine, published monthly, originally edited by Rainer "Easy" Ettler.
The magazine was founded in 1989 under the name Zillostrierte, and three issues were published in A5 format.

The format was changed to the double-size A4 format, and the name was shortened to Zillo in January 1990 after a four-month break in publication.
In January 2014, a fire destroyed the entire editorial office, the logistics department and storage rooms of Zillo. The editorial staff announced on their website that the planned production of the February and March issues could not be realised.[2] Later it was announced that the next issue would be released in 2015, but no new issues have been published since


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