Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria are metalcore band formed in 2006 by guitarist Ben Bruce in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At this time, the lineup varied before 2008 and the group would release their first EP "Tomorrow.Hope.Goodbye." in 2006 and their first album "The Irony Of Your Perfection" in 2007 before Ben would move back to England and reassemble the band in 2008. The new lineup consisted of Ben, Danny Worsnop on vocals, Cameron Liddell on rhythm guitar, Joe Lancaster on bass, Ryan Binns on Synthesizers, and James Cassells on drums by late-2008. Ryan and Joe would leave in January 2009; Joe would be replaced by Sam Bettley. Bruce decided to carry the name over, but insisted that it wasn't the same band. Spring 2009 was spent recording their second album "Stand Up And Scream". The band signed with Sumerian Records and would release this record with them on September 15th. After touring, the band announced they would be releasing an EP, "Life Gone Wild", on December 21st 2010, and announced a remix album that would ultimately contain tracks from their second and to-be third album. "Reckless & Relentless" was released on April 4th 2011, and the remix album they promised, "Stepped Up & Scratched", was released in November. After extensive touring, Danny would sustain severe vocal cord damage, but promised it wouldn't hinder the release of their next album, "From Death To Destiny", which was announced in March 2013 and would be released August 6th. In the midst of touring, Danny would announce his departure from the group to pursue personal projects. Ben would take up vocals for the group during the remainder of touring, and Denis Stoff was later named the new vocalist for the group. After releasing a couple singles and touring together, the group would release "The Black" in March 2016. After settling differences with Danny, he would once again join the group as lead vocalist following Denis's departure. Danny would join the group on tour and would release his first single since returning, "Into The Fire", on September 21st 2017. The group's self-titled album "Asking Alexandria" would later be released on December 15th, and would mark a major shift in the band's sound to include influences from numerous genres.


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