Virtually nothing is known about Nattramn.

birth name is speculated to be Mikael Nilsson, is a Swedish musician and author. He is best known for his vocal performance in the band Silencer. On Silencer's sole album, Death - Pierce Me, Nattramn utilized a bizarre style consisting of high-pitched shrieking and other extreme vocal techniques, allegedly exacerbated by self-harming while recording.

Little is known regarding the identity of Nattramn due to his choosing to live his life in anonymity. His age is disputed (with his date of birth either given as September 7th, 1975 or September 7th, 1977) and his birth name is not confirmed – all that is known of him are the promotional photographs taken during his time as a member of Silencer, in which his face is entirely covered by bloodied bandages, and some later self-released photos in which his face is also obscured. He was born in Markaryd, Småland, Sweden.


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