Pinkpop is an annual, three-day pop festival in Landgraaf (the Netherlands), which since 1970 has normally been held on the weekend of Pentecost.

The festival has been running for three days since 1996 and attracts around 68,000 people a day. Since the first edition, the festival has had over one and a half million visitors and more than 500 different artists and bands have performed.

Pinkpop is the longest running annual pop festival in the world. The festival has changed location a number of times. In principle, since 2008 in every year in which Pentecost falls early, the event is not held at Pentecost, but in another weekend, which is in or closer to the month of June. The reason for this is that Pentecost would be too far from other European festivals and there would not be many bands on tour to another festival in Europe, with the result that too few bands could perform during the Pentecost weekend. With this, the event had a bad experience in 2005.


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