the Shoes

The Shoes was a Dutch band from Zoeterwoude that caused a furore in the hit parade from 1966.
The group was founded in 1963 as The White Shoes. Temporarily called Double You (without Van Es). Hits included Na na na, Don't you cry for a girl and Osaka. Last single Who am I was released in 1975. At CNR, the double A-side Osaka / Na appeared after 1981. The group consisted of Theo van Es (vocals), Wim van Huis (guitar), Jan Versteegen (bass guitar) and Henk Versteegen (drums). Van Es then went on to work solo and briefly had success with Hello my love (1972) and the number 1 hit with As long as it's love (1979). His solo album was released in various countries and was on the American list of the 200 best-selling albums for some time. He is also (still) active on the Dutch-speaking level


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