Chriet Titulaer

C.L.M.G. (Chriet) Titulaer (Hout-Blerick (Venlo), 9 May 1943 - Driebergen-Rijsenburg, 23 April 2017) was a Dutch astronomer, television presenter and popular science writer.

Titulaer attended secondary school at the Venlo St. Thomas College (now part of the Valuascollege). He then studied mathematics and physics at the University of Utrecht with a major in astronomy, and was also a member of student association C.S. Veritas. During his studies he founded, together with Ton Smit, the Venlo department of the Dutch Society for Weather and Astronomy (April 1990, called Weather and Astronomical Society "Jean Delsing") and organized the exhibition the following year " Man and the Universe ", at that time the largest weather, astronomy and space exploration event ever held in the Netherlands. His graduation thesis, in 1967, was about the Moon. In the same year, at the invitation of the famous astronomer Gerard Kuiper, Titulaer went to the US to analyze moon photos for NASA. After two years in the US, Titulaer went on to do research at the Paris observatory for the European space agency ESRO, the predecessor of the current ESA. After working in France for two years, he returned to the Netherlands in 1971 where Titulaer was responsible for the coordination and presentation of a number of Teleac courses. Partly because of this he became a well-known presenter of television and radio programs on science and technology. In addition to his television work, he has published many articles on space travel and astronomy in newspapers and magazines and has written various books on these topics.


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