Nico van der Stam

Nico van der Stam (1925-2000) became best known for his pop photography from the sixties and shortly thereafter. He photographed for Hitweek, Muziek Express and Twen, as well as for record companies. Many photos of his hand appeared in the then well-known Rijam school diary. The Maria Austria Institute therefore made the De Bintangs in je Rijam exhibition in 2000 in collaboration with the Melkweg Galerie in Amsterdam. The exhibition showed a variety of national and international celebrities from David Bowie to Frank Zappa. The publication Yesterday was published in 2007. In addition to (pop) artists, Nico photographed unsuspecting Amsterdammers on the street. In 2009 the MAI made a choice from this with the exhibition Stamgasten (Amsterdam City Archives).


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