Nicky and the Shouts

In 1964, Nico Jans (Nicky) and Garry Wiltens and the Gold Stars go together as Nicky and the Shouts. Jans and Wiltens are from Nicky and the Running Beat, a group from Delfzijl. The Gold Stars are from Groningen.

The group initially plays music in the style of the English beat groups The Hollies and the Searchers, in which singing predominates. This is possible because Nicky has a clear voice.

Nicky and the Shouts performs a lot in the north, in the halls where in fact all the more famous groups play. The group doesn't actually play that much in the west of the country, at least about ten times a year. Performances then take place in Amsterdam, Baarn and Hilversum, among others.

For reasons of principle, Ger Bol does not play on Sundays and Garry Wiltens comes in for him. After the release of the first single in 1965, Herman Wolters leaves and Ger Bol starts playing percussion guitar. Nico Jans leaves early 1968 and the band continues under the name The Shouts.


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