Sweet d'Buster

The group was founded in 1975 by saxophonist Bertus Borgers. Borgers had made a tour through the United States that year with the Golden Earring. After returning to the Netherlands, he was offered a record deal as a result of a demo he made in 1974 with members of the Earring and The Paay Sisters. For his new band he hired Herman Deinum (bass) and Hans la Faille (drums), both from Cuby and the Blizzards and Robert Jan Stips (keyboards and vocals). Stips had already had a successful career as front man of Supersister and keyboard player with the Golden Earring. Guitarist Paul Smeenk was added to this all-star line-up. Percussionist Broer Bogaart was also a member of the band for a short time, but soon left to form his own band.


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