Jan Smeets

Jan Smeets (Einighausen, January 26, 1945) is director and one of the founders of the Pinkpop pop festival.

Smeets worked at the Berchmans youth center in Maastricht. With Hans van Beers of the Donkiesjot youth center in Sittard, among others, he organized the first Pinkpop festival in Geleen in 1970, then a one-day festival on Whit Monday. Smeets became director of Buro Pinkpop, the festival's organizer, and over the years has expanded Pinkpop into a multi-day annual festival with tens of thousands of visitors. From 1986 there was collaboration with organizer Mojo Concerts. In addition to being director and organizer, Smeets is also one of the festival's presenters every year.

In 2013, Pinkpop is the oldest existing open-air festival in the world. From 2007 to 2013, the one-day Pinkpop Classic was also organized.

In addition to his activities for Pinkpop, Smeets was a member of the Limburg Provincial States for the Labor Party. At Pinkpop's 30th anniversary, he received a royal award as Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau and then various awards such as a Buma Golden Harp 2018. On 25 April 2019, he was promoted to Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau.

Smeets has also been the manager of the Flemish comedian Urbanus for years.


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