Michael Moorcock

  • Born: (London, England, United Kingdom)

Michael Moorcock is an English writer, primarily of science fiction and fantasy. Moorcock edited the British science fiction magazine New Worlds from May 1964 until March 1971 and from 1976 to 1996. In 2008, The Times newspaper named Moorcock in its list of "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945." Married to Linda Moorcock

Moorcock collaborated with the British rock band Hawkwind on the album Warrior on the Edge of Time. Hawkwind's album The Chronicle of the Black Sword was largely based on the Moorcok's Elric series. Moorcock also records with the group Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix.

Bill Barclay, William Ewert Barclay, Michael Barrington (collaborative with Barrington J. Bayley), Edward P. Bradbury, James Colvin, Warwick Colvin, Jr., Roger Harris, Desmond Reid (house pseudonym), and Renegade

Between The Wars (aka Colonel Pyat, or Pyat Quartet)
Corum (consisting of the sub-series):
- The Swords Trilogy
- The Chronicles of Corum
Elric of Melniboné
Erekosë (aka Eternal Champion)
Hawkmoon (consisting of the sub-series):
- The History of the Runestaff
- The Chronicles of Castle Brass
Jerry Cornelius
Karl Glogauer
Oswald Bastable
Sailing to Utopia
• Second Ether
The Dancers at the End of Time
von Bek
Warriors of Mars


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