I figure we might as well start this discussion now. Are ARCs allowed in the database? I contend that they are, being no different than a Promo musical release.


i say definitely.

there should be some official way to tag them in format, may wanna request that...

im reading one now IRL and have a bunch so its not uncommon at all to find them in the wild...

I think that uncorrected proofs and advance reading copies are perfectly fine for the database. I would add a note to designate it as such.

Thank you sir, may I have another?

I have access to hundreds of these things.

(Sorry about the poor image quality. Cell phone pics are the best I can do for now.)

What the hell is uncorrected page proofs? And advance reading copies?? ;)

They are books that are sent out (usually before final editing work has been done). They are sent to reporters, vendors and genuinely interested readers in order to generate buzz about the upcoming work.

Think of it as being similar to a promo in the music world.

Thanks for clarifying. I've never seen that kind of books here & I didn't know they differ from normal edition.

Yes - I work at a media company in the US and we get advance copies and uncorrected proofs all the time. (and promo CDs and LPs too.) The publishers and record labels send them to us in hopes that our producers and reporters will want to interview the authors/musicians or write reviews.

The uncorrected proofs usually still contain many typos and other errors, and sometimes will not have photos or artwork.

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