how do we handle things that were originally packaged as multi volume sets? ive got one case where they came in a box which is long gone... and another case where they just came shrinkwrapped together (pretty sure, if memory serves) but the barcode says "2 Volume Set"..

obv chapters and notes can sorta handle it... should there be another way? format?

and these are just 2 & 4 book sets... im sure its gonna get way crazier :D

For now, if the title is universal ("The Bibliogs Collection"), have that as the title, and note in the notes that it's two/four books. In Chapters, separate it by book if possible. At least this seems like a good idea

Yeah, for now, I really think the title of the box itself is the best way to begin.

yeh for the 2 things i was talkin about, the box is long gone (i might have it somehwere but i dont think so) and the other didnt come in a box.

the 4 book set sans box is 4 different titles... but its way down my list of things to submit.. so ima just leave it alone for now..

the 2 book set is what i really wanted to submit.. and might still.. but just realized i covered one of the books barcodes with black marker & a sticker cause yeh, i used to do things like that to barcodes :D so i will prolly just leave that one alone for now as well... so many other less complicated things to sub lol.. no need to poke the system in every way shape & form i will wait for devs to catch up a bit..

I did it correctly, or should I add those 2 volumes separatly?
Both volumes have the sam isbn number, retail price for 2 volumes. IMO it should be added as one work

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