I've added two so far, a Life magazine and a Reader's Digest:


Anyone else added any?
Also, is there a preferred way to enter titles? Or is the volume and number preferred?

A third one I just added: http://www.biblio.gs/book/1454-Work-And-Win-No-1148
doesn't have too much info in it...

New ground for sure my friend. I'll try and find some magazines around here this weekend and submit them.

There really needs to be some changes in regards to serial titles being entered. Needs some of the functionality of Comicogs. A master title and separate fields for issue numbering, very messy to be putting all the info in the title field like the Readers Digest example above.

I am really hesitant to add much to any of these new databases yet. Not before some of the kinks are worked out. As I mentioned on the filmogs forum, I don't want to have to go through my collection half a dozen times like I did with discogs every time a major change happened.

I have just added another magazine. I wish we could use square brackets in the credit field as the artist is only responsible for the brand logo. Also it doesn't seem right having the editor in the main author field. Another issue is that the photography credit is actually an alias of the editor but maybe this will be resolved when author profiles are introduced.


Art auction magazines? Art gallery promo magazines? Should I add them?

I've added Series Number, Volume Number and Issue Number to the Identifying Codes field. Think it would also be good to list these in the title field so that magazine issues are distinct from one another on list pages.

the title field needs to be reusable, so we can have journal/magazine title with accompanying number next to them

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