I have a copy of the following book:


However, my printers key is one digit different to the one displayed.

I assume this does not merit entering it as a new addition, otherwise we would have thousands of very, very similar books on this site.

Is there a way of recording variations, such as on Discogs?

Based on some previous discussions, I've added them separately. After all, we need to separate at least the first printings as they tend to be more valuable than any of the others. In addition we've already tracked notable changes between printings, including content and artwork changes.

Interesting looking book. :)

Thanks Mirva for your thoughts as always! :)

I am slightly sceptical as to the usefulness of adding new entries for each print run, especially when books usually have upwards of 20 print runs of the same edition and, largely, are identical (as opposed to revised or reprinted editions).

The reason I am sceptical is I wonder as to the site's usefulness, navigation and ease-of-use in having so many entries of what is, to all intents and purposes, the same book. If I was Joe Blogs looking for the 1992 UK Penguin copy of Pynchon's V. (for instance), I would probably be bemused by twenty listings for what is ostensibly the same paperback, with all the same details (from cover to price to content) but with different printer keys.

You mention first printings and notable changes, but these seem to be exceptional. First editions certainly should be listed individually, as well as the same editions with different dates, but this is different to listing printings of the same edition in the same year.

If the consensus is that we should have separate entries for all these books (and perhaps that is the most detailed and best) then we are going to need a much more sophisticated version of the master release page than we have on Discogs at present. It will need to list or group books according to print runs, as well as reissues, revised editions, translations, etc.

I'm just thinking aloud here :)

printer's key is just a modern way of showing which impression it is, isn't it?

i think that we need to differentiate between print runs, this sort of thing is important to some collectors and sellers. not so much for modern books, maybe, but there are niche markets.

so my vote would be that if your book has a different printers key to the one on here then you should put it on! at least its a really easy sub!

also, that IS an interesting looking book. adds to wantlist

I'm just thinking aloud here :)

That's what I do most of the time too. :)

This discussion might be worth reading: https://www.biblio.gs/forum/46414-Same-edition-different-printing

printer's key is just a modern way of showing which impression it is, isn't it?

Yeah, and I've only seen them on English language books. The other language books I have just have the traditional "nth printing" in whatever language the book is in.

<quote>This discussion might be worth reading: https://www.biblio.gs/forum/46414-Same-edition-different-printing </quote>

Thanks, this is what I should have read before posting!

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