Friends, we are growing at a pretty quick rate. We already have 100 releases over Comicogs. When did this site launch? I only found it last weekend.

yeh i found it last week...

my favorite stat is more forum topics than members! :D

hopefully these stats signal to devs that there is interest here and we get some functionality & display improvements soon!!

cause soon enough, this place will have more entries than vinyl hub

I only found it last weekend.

Same here - but I've seen some submissions that are already a couple of months old, but those seem to be by management.

We already have 100 releases over Comicogs.

I think one of the problems with Comicogs is that a couple of pretty extensive (300 000 to 450 000 issues catalogued each) comic book databases already exists, so it will take something special to lure the users away from those databases.

We are closing in on Filmogs as well, which has been around for 9 months to a year now. We are very close.

We have definitely surpassed Filmogs. They may have 519 submissions but roughly half of those are films and not physical items. We have 507 physical books submitted.

Way to go!

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