it will be easier for me to ask for stuff and not expect any changes if i had some kinda idea as to whats going on here... are there plans to really put in work here?

is anyone on the dev staff actually excited for this project?

im feeling a bit of a void here.

please no discogs runaround.

i would edit my OP to take some of the edge off that i now read in it but um yeh....

Hi transmutation. No problem, we can take criticism :-)

Yes we plan to continue developing all these databases. We are super excited about them, and have invested a considerable amount of time and effort getting to this stage. We have a lot of things we could do next, but we are going to take stock and figure out what is the most important thing to tackle. Of course, we can't do everything, and some things will have to wait. Your feedback and ideas and critique are most welcome. Thanks!

Awesome so far.

ha! i know YOU can take it nik.. didnt want seburns to think i dont appreciate her attention to the genres and whatnot tho...

welp, hate to add to the "Cult of Nik" but its good to hear from you here.. obv you know things are bare bones, and while i think the idea of building from scratch is cool, its gonna take alot of very involved attention from everyone, subbers, dev team, everybody, so i was kinda like, are these cats payin attention to what we are sayin in the forums or what? excited about the prospects of here but i also dont wanna piss into the wind..

personally im very loyal to the discogs brand & ethos so im happy that there is finally a place for me to catalog my books that i feel comfortable with.. so my real main thing i would love for yall to focus on is collection tools.. even if its just super basic stuff, id love to see my collection in thumbnail view... that alone could prolly hold me over development wise for a couple months lol

but yeh, was really just tryin to gauge the vibes with this thread... seemed kinda silent on the official pronouncement tip... started gettin worried yall were just throwin shit at the wall to see what sticks, was moody i supppose lol

Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate you trying not to scare me off:)

I'm just going to keep adding anything and everything to make this place feel like it's alive for those who visit. I hope others do the same.

@adambassador i have every intention of cataloging my entire collection here which means by the time im done ill be dead lol still have never ending dumb amounts of records to catalog as well tho so if i slack here it means im workin on my collection over at discogs :D

@seburns lol i forget people are essentially complete strangers and i prolly come off aggressive & maybe rude sometimes by accident.. i cant count the amount of times ive said to myself and other people "i wish there was a discogs for books!" so im a bit hyper like whats good!?!?!

since theres only so many of us here, and this isnt labeled the "help" forum yet should we have some sorta "introduce yourself!" thread or somethin? i feel like im knowing yall more than i should having never conversed, just thru subs...

Sure, if you'd like to start that kind of thread, please do.

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