Hey there book lovers! Today, we are implementing a rebranding of the site, changing the name to Bookogs. This change is effective immediately. You may see old references which we'll continue to clean up. The URL of bookogs.com is now live and biblio.gs should begin to redirect shortly.

I know for many of you, Bibliogs is a long-running name that you’ve come to love, but we are taking steps to pave the way for future growth. And besides, to quote that one famous writer guy*:

“What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet”.

The community is what makes this place tick and we are as committed as ever to supporting its future growth. In fact, we promise some fun news is coming soon here at Bib, er, Bookogs.com. Stay tuned!

*Spoiler alert, it’s William Shakespeare! Our lawyer makes us tell you that. But you already knew that, right? Right?!?!


Nick H.

Good Lord. I understand that the "biblio-" and "disco-" prefixes are (perhaps) a little obscure, but I don't think branding is what's behind the slow growth. As I see it, the real fix is dedicating more than one or two staff-members to fielding questions and importing much-requested, (and what I assume are) simple features, such as BBCode and Master Release pages.

i suspect that the reference to the lawyer is a hint as to why the change has happened. still, its a decent name and the substance is the same so onwards and upwards!

Is it a joke?!?
I'm thinking about the next change: Discogs turns to Recordgs

We have a saying in Finland "Ei nimi miestä pahenna, ellei mies nimeä", which translates roughly to "the name can't make a man worse, but the man can make his name worse." The community makes this place what it is, not the name.

So Bibliogs or Bookogs, both are fine to me. :)

but we are taking steps to pave the way for future growth.

Glad to hear that... so, when do we allow comics here? Or at least graphic novels? There'd definitely be more interest if the site would catalog it all: books, magazines and comics. ;-)

wow! We are now able to really browse by language, genre and format. didn't notice that before

Cool, I didn't even notice that. :)
Looks like there's some cleaning up to do with the languages...

bibliogs made sense. bookogs is just a word & a noise mashed together... hurts my brain.

"bibliogs made sense" +1

bibliogs made sense

Maybe so - but there are already a lot of similarly named websites/companies, most notably biblio.com. In addition there is a publisher called Bibliogs... At least Bookogs is unique. ;-)

and now we are able to narrow down authors and other credits by language, cool!

i cant believe master releases still arent a thing and wony bother doing anything here until they exist as a tiny sign this website is being taken seriously and is a worthwhile investment of my time, not an idea which ends up getting canned in a couple years time.

but then I'm just a negative nancy.

Hi coopzilla, I understand your reservations, but please be assured we're committed to making the best site for book collectors to track their collection, wantlist, buy and sell books and engage with other book lovers.
Master release pages are on our roadmap, but as we have a long list of priorities we can't guarantee when they'll be implemented. We hope you'll stick with us

As i said months ago, We provide books (info about our books, images, coments, time, etc) and you, bookogs give us facilities for.managing our collection. I think MR Is a must

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