Almost every book in my collection would be classed as being in the genre of Supernatural Fiction .... but this genre still doesn't appear in the genre list .... I know I may be a niche collector, but I cannot contribute much more to Bookogs without this genre title in the genre list ..... I have requested this before .....

There is a thread that is specifically for requesting genres:

The genre Fiction exists. Instead of Supernatural there are Occult or Paranormal, maybe if you use either of those along with Fiction you might be part way to your goal. Just a thought.

Supernatural is not Occult or Paranormal .... the first is concerned with witchcraft and black magick, the second is concerned with the paranormal ..... Supernatural Fiction has a Wikipedia page describing it as a genre .... if the mods behind this site are hoping to create a database that's anywhere near as good as discogs .... and there's a long way to go before this site is even a patch on Discogs, then something as simple as adding a genre to a list should be instant bread and butter .... no offence
The thread for adding genres is a mess .... I did ask for it to included in that thread a long time ago and got an email within hours saying it was a good suggestion and would be added .... that was a long time ago ...

The thread for adding genres is a mess

It has worked for me, at least so far. The management does miss things sometimes though, so I've made a second request for it in the thread.

Thanks Mirva ....... sorry I ranted on a bit

Heh, we all rant sometimes. Let's just hope it gets added. :)

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