I discovered that I am unable to remove books from my "Following" list. I can remove from "Collection", but not from "Following"

Thanks for reporting this. I'll let the Devs know.

can i ask what "following" is for anyway?

I guess it is to work similar in style how "Following" works on the Wikia network, in the sense that if anyone makes an edit to that page you are notified of the edit. I don't know if it works though.

Also another fun little bug with the Follow button, you can click it over and over again and it continues to count up-wards....

yeh Adambassador def edited some of my subs that i have as "following" (i followed all of my subs) and i didnt receive a notification.. not that there seems to be any messaging set up...

gotta say, seems to me the bug is that following does nothing whatsoever lol


i didnt receive a notification.. not that there seems to be any messaging set up

There isn't any messaging set up right now, but we do think it is a priority for sure.

seems to me the bug is that following does nothing whatsoever lol

Well, it builds your 'following' list :-)

The way we build sites is kinda chicken-and-egg. We have to start somewhere, then build on that. Having 'follow' lists first makes sense, there would be little point in having notifications without things to be notified off. Also, 'follow' lists cane for free with collection and wantlists - which also have no notifications at this point.

It will happen, and please do keep letting us know what you want to do that you can't right now - thanks!

fair enough...

seems to me submission & collection should cover the following function, like notify me of changes to over at discogs... i should (iin teh future) receive notifications for changes to my subs & or collection and that should cover following imho...

following to me would be interesting if it was a twitter type function. rather than the "friend" thing at discogs (which i never use tbh... and in general i hate the internets use of the word friend, fb particularly) if on bibliogs it was "Follow" & had a more twitter like stream of statuses of people, not books... contributed, added to collection, even edited... basically the Activity on the front page but i chose who i see... as well as folks chose if they can be followed at all...

anyways im sure you get my drift... but yeh, imho that would be just a better use of the word... im not quite sure why people would "follow" a book that isnt in their collection or they didnt submit or edit...

Okay, this bug is fixed now. You can now remove items on your "following" page.

transmutation: I see the Following function going just like you described... a way to get notifications on the things you're interested in. Like your submissions, and your forum posts. We'll get there.

lol no doubt itll get there, ive got over my initial excited rush & settled into a patient wait & see...

would that mean tho that you would HAVE to follow an item to get updates?

cause what i mean is following items doesnt make sense to me, following people does tho... like.. items are passive while people are active... i guess im coming at it from a discogs perspective where Recent change notifications come to me on my subs and things in my collection & items im selling... and then you can select forum posts to get notified about as well... i suppose thats a little clunky... so is the plan to put that ALL under just "Following" ?

i was thinking of Following as more a social thing... a personalized Recent Activity like on the front page currently type deal...

im sure yall have some sorta plan, just my 2 cents :)

Search function for 'artists' & 'comapnies' not working.

"Search function for 'artists' & 'comapnies' not working"

As far as I know, this feature is not yet enabled for Filmogs or Comicogs either. I do believe they will add it in the future though.

another bugs: typo in capitalization doesnt lead to the same artisy/company
Example here - publisher: There's only small d but it doesn't want to connect with entry with capital D
also using " or other signs can cause 404 error
example here: http://www.biblio.gs/book/3227-Heban click on a publisher

sorry here link to 1st case http://www.biblio.gs/book/3460-Cofam-Wypowiedziane-Slowa
editing posts could be nice idea also ;)

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