With the last couple of weeks of constant spam plague I'm wondering what both the nature and the time-frame for anti spam measures are going to be. It's long since got beyond a joke and it frequently interferes with the front-page interface, preventing the menus from working. I notice it has spread to the other lesser 'ogs too.

I'd be very happy to help out if there's any thinking along the lines of giving a few users the ability to put obvious spam users on hold so they can't keep spamming and to hide spam posts until staff can come along to clear the crap away. (I'm unemployed and have no life, so, the odd day excepting, I've got nothing better to do!)

There doesn't even appear to be any 'alert staff to this user (or post)' functionality.

Come on guys! What's the skinny? Any chance of a good rundown of the measures that are in the pipeline and when they might start making an appearance?

Thanks for your offer xceque. Empowering trusted users to help out with things like this is something we've considered but the implementation and terms for that would need to be thought through and discussed with the community. A longer term thing.

In the meantime. We have just released some changes restricting submissions / forum threads for new users and are actively looking into other ways to stop the spam (for instance using captchas). It is a bit like playing whack-a-mole. But hopefully we'll get there. Thanks for your patience in the meantime

Thanks for the heads up, obliterated!

banned and removed, thanks BadMoon

obliterated, thanks BadMoon and SextonBlake

Ok, I see we have a spam thread, I will report any I see here.

deleted, thanks Supernaut1970

다시 말씀 하셔도됩니다

got it, thanks Supernaut1970

Thanks BadMoon, this user has been removed

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