Series# box request. So we can add the collection number in series, meanwhile I'll add it in notes, I guess.

Please feedback

I'd add it in 'Identifying Codes' as "Number 'n' In The Series" or some such. We should maybe have a dropdown for 'Number In Series' in that section.

If Series are going to be linked in the future I think it's needed. A lot of books came from Series. Especially with the encyclopedias such as

and also encyclopaedia and books often have edition numbers that would be good to have as a field

I've added Series Number and Volume Number to the Identifying Codes drop-down.

I've also added Issue Number after some thought.

Great! thank you seburns

In my opinion series number should be as free text field.
I'm adding books with 2 types of series, publishing serie & writer serie.
Adding serie nr 2 in identifying code field makes it unclear to what serie it belongs.

IMO series numbers must be entered as in Discogs: Every series with its number.
Series: XXXX Number: NNN
Series: YYYYY Number: MMM
Etc. Etc.
And as seen on books I would tent to add copyright holders along with its year: I say matching every copyright holder with its year, as printed on a book. by owner.
© [Company1], Year
© [Company2], Year
etc, etc
Now we have the copyright holders on a side, and years on other side. Then If you really want to check a book you have to see on credits image uploaded

I think Edition number probably belongs their also, and series, edition, issue numbers should be separate from 'identifying codes', they would be more useful placed near the title

Thanks for your thoughts on this. I'm going to discuss this with our team.

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