I'm aware there are plenty of sources and examples both ways, but has there been a discussion about this? As far as I can see, pretty much all the books in the database have a space between the initials...

There has not been a discussion and I feel awful that I updated the one profile without seeing that there was a duplicate.

I vote for the other profile, the one with the space as you've suggested.

I don't think it's anything to feel awful about, it happens. I've done way worse in Discogs. :D

Thanks. At the same time, we're still on the ground floor here and I believe as the initial users/members, we have an even greater responsibility to do as many things right the first time as we can.

Of course. And I'm sure everyone is doing their best.

So we have two votes for T. S. Eliot and none for T.S. Eliot.
Some more opinions would be nice, but if it doesn't happen, it's probably ok to merge them in a couple of days (assuming merging works the same way than in Discogs).

I'm voting for T.S. Eliot (I submitted his collected prose). In academia and modernist studies this is generally considered correct.

In addition to scholarly writing, most books by and about him, use T.S. Eliot


Having said that, wikipedia uses spaces!

Having said that, wikipedia uses spaces!

So does Library of Congress!

...and many other sources. :) Like I said, there are plenty of examples both ways, including his work, books about him, and websites. There are even sources that spell it "T S Eliot" or "TS Eliot".

Here are some links the other way:
The T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry:
Project MUSE:
The T. S. Eliot society:

Harvard University Press: (Academy of American Poets)
The Poetry Foundation:
Poetry Archive:

The Paris Review:

And, Amazon: :P

I vote for the use of spaces between initials, and the possibility of proposing that we take spaces between initials as a standard when choosing PANs

proposing that we take spaces between initials as a standard when choosing PANs

That would definitely make deciding these things a lot easier.

We have three for T. S. Eliot, and one for T.S. Eliot. Anyone else?

Last bump. Can't have these entries exist forever, so if no further comments are made, I'll merge the two in a couple of days.

  • 1 for T. S. Elliot

Don't want to step on mirva's project but it was only one book that needed edited so I went ahead and did it.

Well, it's not like we're in a hurry... but it's ok.

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