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Revised edition

My copy says "Second revised edition" but I assume this could possibly go on forever, maybe this is similar to 'second impression'? I am not familiar with that terminology.

Same with printing/edition terminology. I use to tag with "This edition published"

Btw, I was thinking about how I enter dates from a book, Eg:
When a book reads:
First published: 1965
Second edition: 1971
* Third editon: January,1975
------ Second impression: Mar, 1975
------ Third impression: Jun, 1975
------ Fourth impression: Nov, 1975

I'd entered so (with the actual date tags).
First published; 1965
Second impression: 1975-03-00
This impression: 1975-11-00

But I think Publishing/print historical should't be entered, only dates related to present item:
This book is third edition, fouth impression so I'd say:
This edition published: 1975-01-00
This impression: 1975-11-00
And the rest of info can be entered in Release Notes of the submisson or better in the future Master Release

we certainly need to differentiate between published/printed/new edition dates because they all mean very different things

I also just did a book that had two first published dates for different publishers

I have been entering every date listed in the book.
Notes would work for the dates but if we can get them in proper fields I think it would work better considering its fairly standard data that could be used better by the database in a proper field than in a note


First Published in "Country" Date
Revised edition

I actually think now that companies need to be separated from the artist credits and merged with dates to be very much like the companies area of, and add a location option to this also

we certainly need to differentiate between published/printed/new edition dates because they all mean very different things

Agreed. I think the submission form is otherwise pretty straightforward and easy to understand with the exception of the date field (and the chapters, but that's a different problem). I often feel like it doesn't have the exact option I need, and it's definitely missing some options - some of them already suggested above.

I've added Revised Edition and First Published in Country to the options for this field.

First published electronically/as an eBook

I've added First Published Electronically and Republished.


First Paperback Printing / First Hardback Printing

I've added Reissued, First Paperback Printing and First Hardback Printing.

For magazines: Cover Date
I've been using Published dates, but that's not exact because magazines frequently issue several weeks before their cover date.

Okay, I've added Cover Date.

First Published In Hardcover
Published In Hardcover

First Hardback Printing
First Published In Hardcover
Aren't those basically synonyms?

As much as "First Paperback Printing" and "First Published In Paperback" but they are still both on the list.

Thanks for the Cover Date option, good idea!

You're welcome. Any suggestion for how to deal with quarterlies with dates like Fall, Spring, etc?

Phonographic Copyright

(appears in audiobooks)

I agree with emilianto.
I only think data in date-fields should only be for the present item.

Some of the books I have at hand mentions
-copyright ( original copyright) f.ex 1932
- copyright ( in present country) f.ex 1945
First published (original) 1932
First published in presnet country 1945
This edition 1960 in present country
This imprint 1960 in present country

I really think that is confusing.
So I would prefer to only add the date for the present item and maybe leave the rest in the notes.

I've added 'First Published in Hardcover' and 'Phonographic Copyright.' Sorry for the delay.

First Edition

First e-book edition

First Translated In (This) Language

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