I see many users have been adding Gothic as a music genre to publications.

I would have thought the original intention for this genre was the literary genre: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothic_fiction

Should we conduct a mass edit on that basis or just accept the (possibly) modified role?

I think we had a brief discussion before on the subject as I was unsure of what name to use. Though Goth is an abbreviation it seemed to me more is use than Gothic. I think Goth (or Gothic Music) was the other choice.

'Goth Rock' was the original entry (same as Discogs): https://www.bookogs.com/credit/398130-goth-rock

Gothic music obviously needs to be split from Gothic fiction. How about:
Gothic: Music
Gothic: Fiction

Just to clarify: there is a Credit for Goth Rock which is fine. Then there is a Genre named Gothic.

I know there are a few music genres listed in Genre(s): e.g. Blues, Jazz, and Punk but I'm guessing Gothic was really intended for the Horror literature sub-genre rather than the music genre.

I do hope that makes sense.

What I'm a trying to determine is whether the Genre Gothic: https://www.bookogs.com/browse/book?genre=Gothic only applies to the Horror sub-genre or does it include Gothic music?

So, totally disregard the Goth Rock Credit: https://www.bookogs.com/credit/398130-goth-rock

Sorry, I wasn't paying enough attention to the original point. I certainly would have thought 'gothic' in genre's referred to fiction work rather than music.

It's a problem I've noticed when we added other genre's such as 'punk' or 'jazz' etc. when there was already a 'subject' for 'Punk Rock' for example as some titles are listed under one but not the other.

I agree the present system is duplicated and inconsistent.

I would eliminate all music Genres and instead rely on the About/Subject Credits. Hopefully this would mitigate users mistaking a literary genre like Gothic as a music genre.

The problem is getting a consensus to remove the music styles from the genre list plus trying to pursuade users not to use the 'gothic' genre for music.

The problem is getting a consensus to remove the music styles from the genre list plus trying to pursuade users not to use the 'gothic' genre for music.

Or for movies, art/architecture, etc. I think they would be all better as subjects. We could have:

Goth Rock
Gothic Metal
Goth Subculture

Gothic Fiction
Southern Gothic

Gothic Film
Gothic Architecture
Gothic Art

Gothic Language
Gothic People

I certainly agree with all of those About/Subjects with the exception of the two literature genre suggestions.

Unless there is a push to reduce the current Genre list, then I would like to see the Gothic Genre modified to Gothic Fiction, with no change to Southern Gothic, and purpose both of them for literature only.

However, if the Genre list is being pared down in favour of using About/Subjects, then that list gets my vote.

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