I think It Books and !t Books may in fact be the same company, a defunct imprint of HarperCollins.

  • I can't find online references to "!t Books"
  • I'm guessing maybe the listings here have been added because of the logo (see back cover images for this book for instance).
  • The url listed on some of the covers for "It Books" http://youritlist.com links to a defunct tumblr blog
  • It Books on Wikipedia redirects to Harper Collins where its listed under the
    imprint section

Anyone got more information on this?

Checked the ISBNs of the !t Books items,
the results show HarperCollins or It Books as publisher

As Badmoon said the three books listed under !t Books originate from HarperCollins.

Amazon and Goodreads have records for those three books and the publisher name is stated as It Books.

I'm pretty certain the credit was created in error.

I have done the honours and marked !t Books as a duplicate and transferred the books to It Books.

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