is there a way to revert my changes on this

unfortunately i clicked the wrong button when i wanted to add the preceding one and didnt noticed until it was too late

Thank you!

Sadly, I don't think you can 'revert' like on Discogs AFAIK.

Unfortunately there isn't. The only thing I can suggest is using the version data to look at what has been deleted:

I don't know if the staff can resurrect the earlier version. It might be quicker just to do it yourself.

I bet you won't do that again!

Thanks for you answers, will wait a few days on this, maybe the staff can do something in the meantime. Well, errare humanum est, at least i got a backup of the chapters as i type them in a textdoc before adding.

But i guess it would be pretty bad if there is no option to reverse certain changes, there should be something to protect us from vandalism.

a similar problem related to vandalism discussed here 2 years ago. Sadly still no solution...

I have never thought of the vandalism aspect and frankly it would be a nightmare to reinstate data from the current history. About 7 months I painstakingly added Russian Cyrillic text to a number of books only to have the OS incorrectly reinstate English names. Because of unicode I gave it up as bad joke.

I do know the staff can reinstate the database from backups so maybe it wouldn't be the end of the world.

What would be helpful is a history like Discogs where changes are highlighted and edits can be reverted.

I just f-ed up big time editing

What I intended to do is "Add one like this", not noticing I had clicked on "Edit this book", so now editor "almoadhadi" is probably wondering what my changes are all about once he gets that notification e-mail. Since there's currently no way of contacting another user, I hope he will at least read this post. I'm so sorry!

I also have no idea how to revert these changes.

One way of restoring the data is to look at the earlier version via History and copy the text back into the submission. One of the problems is when you encounter unicode as you will need to change it to the actual text. If you are going to do this then first use the 'Add one like it' feature and create your submission before restoring any of the text.

You can contact the OS by leaving a comment in the History, and if you want you could send them a PM via the Discogs message service.

We definitely need the ability to revert edits.

I have added a comment to the History of the submission just explaining what occurred.

What I intended to do is "Add one like this", not noticing I had clicked on "Edit this book"

That has happened to me too, luckily it was my own submission. But nevertheless, it was a lot of work to revert it, and I hope we can get revert function as soon as possible.

All's Well That Ends Well. HumHumXX thanks for a speedy resolution. You are not the first, and I doubt that you will be the last to make that error. A revert function is essential.

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