Is it acceptable to link to a different edition of a book? This is what the guidelines have to say:

"Add links to any sites with information that support your submission, like Wikipedia or an official site. We [are] especially interested in linking the whole 'ogs ecosystem, so if a book has been adapted into a movie, include the Filmogs link. If it has a soundtrack, or there's a song or concept album centred [sic] on the book (e.g. David Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs' is about George Orwell's '1984') add the Discogs link along with notes of how they're related. Notes about links are optional."

I submitted , and the only links I could find to this book show a newer edition. The guidelines seem to be rather relaxed on this point.


I have changed the Goodreads link to the same edition you submitted. Personally, I think the Peachpit link is fine as it gives some further details about the book even if though it is the 2nd edition.

Your link was to the PC version of the book, so I've changed it back.

Sorry. I didn't realise that the book has alternate titles for mac and PC.

I think these links would be more suitable for the Work page as it's mostly general information about the work vs. info about this edition of the book

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