I have a simple question yet it is hard to find the answer.
When a writer is called Henk Schoen, must I write it down Schoen, Henk or Just Henk Schoen.
Do I wrote down T.M. Jansen or Jansen, T.M.
And do I write ISBN like on the book: 90 6012 187 2 or do I write 9060121872.

Thank you,

Enter names without commas, so Henk Schoen or T. M. Jansen.

I usually go with ISBN numbers as printed, but either would do I think.

Also when searching for existing credits be careful of spaces between initials.

Searching for T.M. gives different results to T. M.

I believe the space between initials is preferred.

I always write the ISBN as it is written in or on the book, sometimes like this 9060121872 or 90 6012 187 2 or like this 90-6012-187-2. It is always best to enter data as it is on the book you are submitting.

I usually go with ISBN numbers as printed

Same here.

I had a look at some of the credits you made. You entered the Dutch author Anneke van Baalen as Baalen, Anneke van. This is not correct. It should be entered as Anneke van Baalen.

Ok thank you very much for the info. Now I now for sure how to do it.

So I will write doen isbn numbers as it is printed on the book.
Full names are like Henk Schoen.
T.M. Jansen is supposed to be written down like T. M. Jansen.

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