So I was preparing to submit a issue of Electronic Sound and I noted the following earlier submission.

The notes make reference to the magazine, which is available in newsagents, also being available as a bundle from the publisher directly (true for each edition).

Do we think that the original submission covers this in the right way?

(Overlooking for the moment that so

... some images were taken from the publisher website).

[Apologies for breaking the post]

It's not like a magazine that has a covermount CD. The magazine and record were each sold separately as well as being bundled.

The main point of interest would be that each month Electronic Sound prepares a magazine and a related separate music release. I think it is right to want to track or link these releases somehow.

If I've understood correctly, and if we are following in Discogs' footsteps, then there should be two separate submissions, right? One for just the magazine, and one for the bundle.

I'm not so sure the bundle deserves a separate listing. It seems to be a sales tool for selling two separate items together at a reduced price.

And I would not be sure where to list it Discogs or Bookogs.

The items are published / released (marketed) at the same time. So I guess we just cross-link submissions, and make notes.

Yeah, multi-format releases are problematic in general.

The only issue really is if someone wants to sell the bundle, but I guess they can mention it in the notes that they are selling also the record.

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