Is there a possibility to enlarge the credit fields in the Submission formular?. There are more and more credits like "Droemersche Verlagsanstalt Th. Knaur Nachf. M√ľnchen", and some of them are different at the end. You can't see the end at the moment, so you have to click through all variants to find the correct one.

I don't have a desktop computer (only a laptop, a tablet and a phone), so this is a common problem for me.

Though, if I place my cursor on top of the link, my browser displays the full url on the bottom of the page (left corner). I don't know if this is the case with all browsers, but it has helped a bit.

lol. you're right of course. the complete url is shown there. I never paid attention to this.. eh... feature, thx ;-)

I'm guessing most users don't, and it definitely should be easier than that. :-)

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