I just added an artist magazine and many of the contributing writers were credit with "Dr." or "Prof." in front of the name.
Maybe it should be added to the wiki, that these titles should not be used in the PAN credit (They change over the time).
Correct entry: PAN without title + ANV with title.

IMO if the person is often credited with the title, the title can be included in the PAN as well. It's not that big of a deal.

But many of them appears in diff. forms in diff. times and diff. publications. We have "Prof. Dr. phil. " "Dr. Dr." etc. Plus diff. military ranks, such as Captain, Major, General, which are sometimes mentioned and sometimes not or just a part of it.

I you have a look at wikipedia: They are not mentioned in the PAN exactly for this reason.

And think about the autofill function in the formular. You very often will not find the correct credit if these titles are allowed.

Exception: Dr. Hook is OK ;-)

If I remember correctly the decision was made a while back not to include "Dr", "Prof" etc in the persons title. I expect there are exceptions.

This is the only discussion I remember:

FWIW, nik said a long time ago not to remove titles if that's how they are commonly credited:

I pretty much said everything already in that previous thread, and I will still vote for a more relaxed approach where these things are considered more on a case-by-case basis, and it's considered how the person is commonly known as, and how they are commonly credited as to keep submitting as easy and straight-forward as possible.

For example, it's not very user-friendly to have Lord Byron's PAN as "George Gordon Byron" - it would require users to use the name variation function in the majority of cases. It would also probably mean we would have a "Lord Byron" duplicate entry created every week. :P

I'm sure there are cases where it makes sense not to include the title in the primary name, for example if the person appears with a different title every time, and that's ok too. I'm just calling for a little common sense instead of a blanket rule that requires exceptions anyway.

What I think we also need is to relax the Discogs' name variation rules a little bit. ;-)

Hmm, why not establish something like the redirect sytem, wiki uses. Every time a PAN is fixed, the entering of a known ANV leads to this PAN. I have no idea if this might work in a database like this. But I'm not a friend of the discogs method of invalid credit names, too. First of all we have to try to avoid as many double entries as we can, IMO.

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