Hello to you all!

A couple of questions.

Do we add books that are included in music releases? (books included in box-sets, etc... not talking about the booklet that are included in a CD).

Earbooks? (also music release).

Artbook? (also music release).

What is your opinion? Should they be entered here or is it enough that they are mentioned on Discogs.


I think it's ok to add them here, at least I've added some books that have been included in boxsets (not just music boxsets but also from deluxe editions of films and video games).

For the ones included in music / film boxsets, I've also included a link to the release(s) in Discogs / Filmogs.

For example:
It was a film/storybook/CD, and I've entered all the different parts to their respective databases.

Thanx mirva!

you always sems to know what to do!
I've said it before and i say it again, You are the Master of knowledge on this page;).

Should i request Earbook and Artbook as a new format?
Earbook is one thing (you kinda hear it from its name that it is audio retalted, but Artbook that is another matter.

Artbook (music) perhaps?

And of course i'll try to link as much as possible.


While I was familiar with the artbook releases, I have to admit that I had never even heard the term "earbook" before your post. I had to google it. So I don't know everything, and this is all just my opinion. Others may disagree, and I'm sure some will. ;-)

TBH, I don't know what should they be called, and how they should be entered format-wise. The format section is not the best it could be, especially for hybrid releases like these. Also, I'm not sure when the format list was last updated...

If you want to submit some now, I would just enter whatever is the closest option (probably Hardback, or Hardback + CD), and then elaborate in the Notes.

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