I've been entering a number of things that I would describe as a "booklet" (short, usually stapled, often local history or guidebooks), and am not sure what format to use. Some of these even describe themselves as "booklets".


I've been entering them as paperbacks, which I suppose they are, but wondered whether "booklet" would be more accurate as a description?

I think we do, but there's been some questions about it.

I brought it up here, not sure if it has been discussed since:

We do have "Pamphlet" in the Formats and I've used that a few times on such booklets. My thinking is that pamphlet should be used for publications of perhaps 8 to 48 pages that use a simple saddle stitched (stapled) binding. Perhaps in the future, our guidelines will be expanded to better explain when to use pamphlets and, when it is added, booklets.

Well, we do need to be able to search the forum in the same was as discogs, and I would have found that... in fact I'll wager I would also find a discussion of ways to search the forum.

Seriously though, thanks for the link, and I'll try and get some more entered. It's unfortunate that I don't have any access to a camera, but I'll try and get someone to take pictures of the more interesting ones...

*in the same "way"

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